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Welcome! What’s in a name?

Howdy! Welcome to Neoteros!  I’m Clint Dalton, CEO and few other things around here.  I’m looking forward to spending time with folks and working on neat projects within the community.  Via all the normal digital channels, and more importantly, out and about,  I’ll be your tour guide, cheerleader, and fellow explorer as you start checking out and using the services we’re working on here throughout the coming years!

The name of the company, Neoteros LLC, was inspired by an odd science fiction short story by Theodore Sturgeon called The Microcosmic God.  It’s in the public domain and a quick read if you’re into science fiction.  No spoilers, you’ll just  have to read the story… I thought the main use of one technology (the little intelligent biological bipedal inventions, the Neoterics) to spawn the invention of other inventions was metaphoric to how we now thrive in our society.  We rarely go it alone, but rather stand upon the high ground made available to us by the exploration and toil of many before us.

The Neoterics of the story are inspired in name to the Neoteric avante-garde poetry movement within the Greek and Latin poets of the Greek Hellenistic period.  As I researched naming the company, I was struck by the neoteric poets surviving phrase in our use today: “Art for art’s sake.”   The neoteric poets disrupted the traditional long form poetic forms of the day and offered new alternatives to tradition.

Our first product is a trading platform for local merchants and customers to form better relationships and provide more stability in a local community.  More details to come…   But, our initial product focus and research uncovered a final symbolic connection between our name and my passion for independent and alternative living.   The Whole Earth Catalog by Stewart Brand has always been a source of inspiration as an instruction manual on living an intentional and coexistent life on the planet.

With Neoteros, we’re moving forward with the idea that we’re stitching together a bunch of products over the coming months and years to form a loose New Earth Operating System (OS), so our name kind of neatly works out:  Neo (NEW) ter (Terra/Earth) os (Operating System).  It’ll never be Skynet, but that’s ok.  You’ll see!

That’s the summary of the meanings in our name.  Ok, the geek in me is satisfied with this explanation.   I hope you’re inspired to read a few links above… More details as we progress on this adventure together!  We’re looking forward to everyone getting to know us and working to grow and foster the economy in Norfolk and Hampton Roads.

Have a great day!
– Clint

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