Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to Neoteros LLC’s Terms of Use. The last revision was made on July 6, 2017.

Thank you for taking a look at NeoTeros LLC and our product, Livable. Livable is a neutral online goods and services trading network with the simple mission of growing the economy in a friendly and inclusive way. Our tagline: Growing The Economy of Us. Quite simply, we’re here to help make your life more Livable!

These Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) contained within this document govern your use of the websites Neoteros.com and Livable.Directory (“Livable.Directory,” “Livable”) operated by Neoteros LLC (“Neoteros, LLC,” “Neoteros”).

This Agreement lays down the basic rules governing you (“You” ), as an individual user of our sites. If you are an individual also representing the interests of an organization, the organization will be known as “your company” within this document. If there is an owner of the organization, the owner will be known as “the company’s owner” within this document.

As a user of Livable, you’ll have the ability to advertise the sale of goods and services and purchase goods and services using our currency called the Lifepoint.

Neoteros LLC operates as a business entity in Norfolk, VA. Neoteros LLC and Livable operate within the laws applicable to this jurisdiction. You, as a user of our sites may physically reside elsewhere. Please follow the laws of the jurisdiction from which you physically are present while also being aware that Neoteros LLC must follow the laws within our jurisdiction as well. At present, we only offer our services to people who are residing within the United States and its territories.

This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between Neoteros LLC and you. Reading and accepting this Agreement is required for you to use our services.

Neoteros LLC reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. Your continued usage of our services will require you to accept new versions of this document as it evolves over time. We will provide you an update to this agreement as it changes via email.

In the event of a legal dispute, Neoteros LLC is limited to $200 in any form of liabilities. You agree to resolve any disputes through a Virginia based independent arbitrator. Arbitration is Neoteros LLC’s method of resolving disputes that cannot be resolved through simple discussion.

Neoteros LLC reserves the right to determine acceptable use of our services and reserves the right to terminate your rights to use our services at any time

Our goal with Livable is to build an inclusive, mutually respectful community. If you pay attention to good manners, treat people respectfully when interacting with them within our sites, use common sense and just act nice, you should be a great fit within our community!

Trading between users within Livable is easy. You’ll simply log on to Livable.Directory using a user id and password of your choosing and fill out a profile. After you have an understanding of this agreement and your responsibilities within Livable, you’ll be ready to start buying and selling.

Livable isn’t just a directory of online services, it’s a directory of physical locations accepting Lifepoints. Livable services and goods can be sold in traditional brick and mortar facilities. You’ll simply use your Livable account to transfer Lifepoints at the point of sale at such facilities.

You can think of Livable as a little virtual bubble city sitting within the larger economy, incubating and growing the participating businesses and people within our protected bubble. While the entire economy runs on the dollar, within Livable, you’ll use our currency complimentary to the dollar, called the Lifepoint.

Goods and services are priced with Lifepoints the same as they are with dollars. If you were going to sell an item for $50 on craigslist, for instance, you’d want to price the item for 50 Lifepoints (50L) on Livable.

Livable.directory is three distinct components merged together:

  • An online Lifepoints banking application to keep track of Lifepoints for you and others as you trade with each other
  • A listing of goods and services purchasable via Lifepoints as well as a directory listing projects and work available for payment via Lifepoints
  • A simple rating system to allow parties to rate each other after a successful transaction for goods and/or services exchanged.

You simply need to treat people on Livable the same way you would treat buyers of goods and services in your physical hometown. Just be honest, be respectful, obey the laws local to you, and communicate with one another on the site to solve any problems related to buying and selling on Livable.

Consider the following list the list of agreements you’ll need to agree to in order to use Neoteros’ Livable service. Things you need to agree to in order to use Livable:

The Sites – You agree Neoteros LLC is the owner of the Livable.Directory site and the Neoteros.com sites and all related service marks, trademarks, etc. found on the sites. You are licensed to use the sites for the duration of your involvement as a customer of Neoteros LLC.

The Content of the Sites – You agree that the content of the sites Livable.Directory and Neoteros.com is the property of Neoteros LLC. You agree that content you post on Livable is legally your content, with Neoteros LLC having rights to use your posted content for marketing purposes.

Your Identity – You agree to accurately provide your true identity in your profile with us when you register as a new user. You agree that your identity is accurate and represent yourself online and not another individual. You may be associated with a company, but your identity should reflect who you are as person.

Your Account – You agree to not share your account with anyone. You are the only person allowed to log on to your account with your user id and password.

Your Privacy – You agree that Neoteros LLC will maintain your account with your privacy in mind. We will not disclose your identity in conjunction with your use of our sites, but we do reserve the right to strip your identity from the data associated with you on the sites, and then use your usage patterns on the sites for the purposes of analytic processing and decision making.

Your Use of our Sites – You agree to only use our sites for legal purposes and to post goods and services that are not offensive and described in a non-offensive ways.

Your Use of Lifepoints – You agree that Lifepoints, our currency used within Livable, is only to be used as a currency within the Livable network with other Livable users.

Purchasing Lifepoints – You may purchase additional Lifepoints from Neoteros LLC for use within Livable to purchase goods and services. When purchased, Lifepoints, for all practical purposes, act like coupons, with the amount of Lifepoints purchasable dependent on the coupon discount published at the time. 80% of funds collected via the purchase of Lifepoints will be placed in escrow in preparation for the establishment of an two way exchange whereby Lifepoints will be able to be exchanged back into US Dollars and a variety of cryptocurrencies. This exchange system will be operational on August 15, 2017.

Your Sales and Purchases – You agree that your sales and purchases are between you and other users of Livable and that Neoteros LLC is simply providing a neutral platform to facilitate your interactions with other users.

Taxes and Fees – Livable is a barter network. You agree to handle any tax consequences related to your use of Livable as a barter network.

Release – You agree to release and hold harmless Neoteros LLC and its officers, owners and employees from any damages the arise from your use of Livable.